Проект имиджевой одежды с использованием нетрадиционных материалов, навеянный японским дизайном и журавлями Кацусико Хокусая collection of disposable clothing from non woven fabrics inspired by Katsushika Hokusai, Japanese and Scandinavian design

Image Fashion Collection of “Limpid” Non-Traditional Materials

Image Fashion Collection of “Limpid” Non-Traditional Materials has emerged as a result of hunt for new forms and universality concept. The idea of rapid and accessible application has resulted in the idea of one-time wear clothes. The fashion items made of Spunbond, accessible and environmentally friendly material, make it possible to bring individual peculiarities and apply any picture, logo or text on their surface. They are comfortable in wear and easily poduced. This is a modern variant of both promo clothing and clothes for promotional measures such as exhibitions, presentations and universal uniform for the staff in salons, stores, and display stands. Clothes made of Spunbond are a perfect match for universal and simple in form items manufactured from traditional materials and cloths. The unique value of the project lies in the absense of similar offers available on the market. The rise and development of aesthetics in this field have a great potential in the future and considerably extend horizons for fashion designing activities.
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